Athletic Focus

Mindfulness techniques can help athletes with the following:

1.  Mental preparation for an event

2.  Focus and concentration

3.  Dealing with anxiety, nervousness or other difficult emotions

4.  Promoting positive self-talk

5.  Dealing with injuries

Athletes will learn these empowering tools to help stay in the "zone" and perform at their peak performance in all sports!


Comments from Coaches and athletes after completing the team lessons:

"Often the difference in an athlete's performance is their mental preparation and their mental toughness.  Athletes will always perform better when they are in the "zone".  Trina provided my team with many strategies that helped each individual player "get in the zone" to maximize their playing potential.  Her strategies were shared in a very professional and easy to understand fashion.  Thanks to Trina, my players have gained an excellent advantage in their mental preparation and in their in-game ability to control their emotions." - Bantam Triple A Hockey Coach

"Mindfulness has helped me very much so.  I loved it and have been using your methods quite often and found I am happier and perform better."

"It was hard choosing which tool was most useful, as I use them all a lot and they are effective."

"Mindfulness helps me to be a better athlete and student as well as a better person outside of sports and school."

"Taking all the negative thoughts out of my head helps me to be a better athlete/student."

"I found the breath incredibly helpful and have been using it in-game."


***Trina can meet with the entire team or with individual athletes. ***