Mindfulness in Education Presentation Feedback:

“Trina’s presentation was focused on giving the students an understanding of mindfulness and practical strategies they can use to be mindful throughout the day. It was incredible to see every student, including those with A.D.D. and special needs, focused for the entire hour. Trina included visual aids to help the students relate to the concepts she was introducing to them. After the presentation, the students said it helped them to feel calm and peaceful. They were able to explain what they had learned from Trina and agreed it will help them handle stress better. Trina transmits a soothing, calm attitude which further enables her to get the message of mindfulness across to students.” 
- Grade 5/6 Teacher, Regina Catholic Schools

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to share your knowledge and expertise about mindfulness with the grade 2 class at Jack Mackenzie School.  We have really enjoyed these lessons and will continue to talk about present moment thoughts, breathing, taking care of our emotions and the power of self-talk.  Being mindful of how our thoughts affect how we feel and act each day is a great practice that can help all of us with our daily lives.  I hope that the students are able to carry these lessons with them for years to come.  This was a very valuable experience!
– Grade 2 Teacher, Regina Public Schools

Before I met Trina, I did not know what Mindfulness was. After learning and engaging in experiences she has provided in staff meetings and in my own classroom with my students, I now have a deeper understanding. From my experiences and seeing how powerful being in the present moment is for individuals, I would recommend that Mindfulness be used in the classroom on a regular basis. It teaches children how to breathe in a way that calms their minds and bodies. They learn to self-regulate and notice changes in their bodies. It provides a common language for teachers and students when dealing with student emotions. Mindfulness also enables students to calm themselves to deal with conflict. On many occasions, if students have been upset, I have asked them to take mindful breaths before explaining their problem to me. After a few moments of mindful breathing, students are much more calm and ready to engage in a productive conversation. They are able to better control and understand their emotions.    
–  Grade 5 Teacher, Prairie Valley School Division

“Mindfulness helps me to be a better listener, be calmer and be happier.”
– Grade Two Student

“One time I used mindfulness was when I had a math test and I was stuck but I tried mindfulness and I was able to focus on the question.”
– Grade Five student

Mindfulness in the Workplace Presentation Feedback

“Participating in the Mindfulness practice with Trina was a rewarding and somewhat surprising experience for me. I didn’t know what I was missing! Her examples and visuals are authentic; her strategies are clear yet simple. Guided by Trina, I secured the value of being “in the moment”. This practice will enhance both my personal and professional life.” 
– Session participant, DKG Professional Women’s Group, Regina

“Trina Markusson is an inspirational speaker.  She is a “mindful” coach whose peaceful presence motivates individuals to discover happiness and gratitude in their daily lives.  Trina’s presentations inspire positive change!”
– Session Participant, Regina

"Very good session!  Enjoyed being reminded to live "in the present" - a "present" we give ourselves.”  – Session Participant, Horizon School Division